ExecuPharm is one of the most experienced providers of clinical research services which enable us to understand Sponsors’ needs and provide workable solutions for staffing challenges.

Through ExecuPharm’s Functional Service Provider (FSP) Model, we provide companies with a higher level of service than traditional staffing. An FSP provides a Sponsor with qualified professionals across a specific functional area, such as monitoring or study management, along with associated operational activity that may include onboarding, training, line management, performance management and policy administration. In addition, we can expand our FSP offerings to include cross-functional  services with highly skilled professionals across two or more specific functional areas within your organization further streamlining efficiencies. 

Our FSP allows companies to cost-effectively expand internal resources without adding permanent headcount or additional infrastructure to meet  growing needs of pipelines and programs. With ExecuPharm, companies can invest in only the services that are needed with specific customization that surrounds and supports existing processes. 

ExecuPharm  understands and anticipate needs. We provide workable solutions for staffing challenges with a commitment to reduce operational burdens by assuming responsibility for: 

 • Talent sourcing and acquisition 

 • Candidate screening, background checks and employment verification

 • Onboarding, orientation and employee readiness

 • Training

 • Inspection preparation and readiness

 • Daily oversight; workload/capacity management

 • Performance management, metrics tracking and reporting quality metrics

 • Administering travel policy, timesheet/activity tracking and all other employment related policies/procedures


ExecuPharm specializes in the provision of permanent, contract and interim resource solutions for all aspects of pre-clinical and clinical trial work around the globe. 

ExecuPharm has the capability to provide outstanding resourcing services to Domestic and International clients by leveraging a global candidate pool working throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia. With locations around the globe and a workforce including over 750 global clinical operation specialists.

ExecuPharm’s clinical operations specialists are well versed in country and regional customs, cultures, business  practices as well as regulatory and ethical restrictions and considerations. Having a resource that knows the culture, speaks the language and is in close proximity to sites will aid in resolving issues pertaining to the trial in a rapid and efficient manner.   


North America is the largest bio/pharmaceuticals market on earth.

As the largest single country pharmaceuticals market in  the world, the United States is an essential market and the companies we serve. In fact, maintaining our strong North American presence is vital for us because most of the world’s largest  bio/pharmaceutical companies, plus hundreds of other smaller development innovators and clinical partners, are either based or have significant  facilities in the U.S., Canada, and/or Mexico.

While newer markets will continue to open up or expand  around the globe, we see the strong business sector, stable regulatory  environment, and robust university research conditions in North America  as highly conducive to bio/pharmaceutical innovation and growth for  years to come. This circumstance continues to strengthen as technologies  now allow greater allocation of resources within more favorable budgets  and time-frames worldwide.

Good reasons to direct your development journey to Latin America include:

 • Clinical trial costs average 30% lower than those in the U.S. or Western Europe

 • Large, treatment-naïve patient populations in major urban centers,  including Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Bogota, and Rio de Janeiro.

 • Tradition of Western medicine, familiarity with GCP standards, ICH guidelines, and clinical trials

 • Stable regulatory environment for conduct of clinical studies and approval of new therapies

 • Two languages cover the entire region

 • Seasonal reversal from North America and Europe allows “off-season” testing of seasonal disorders

 • Close to the U.S., reduced travel times/costs

 • Time zones overlap with North America, facilitating communications

Our abilities in this region are comprehensive, offering full clinical development, harmonized teams using the same SOPs worldwide, advanced eClinical technologies, adept regulatory management, including import/export regulation expertise, peri/post  approval services, and robust commercialization expertise. Our experts also know the cultural and medical practices in each country, so we can help you avoid issues that could cause potential delays. 

Office Locations

North America

United States of America

 • Pennsylvania – ExecuPharm Headquarters

 • California 

 • Illinois 

 • Maryland 

 • Massachusetts 

 • New Jersey 

 • North Carolina

Latin America

 • Argentina

 • Brazil

 • Chile

 • Mexico


ExecuPharm is proud to be a part of that fully-integrated development infrastructure, with 38 offices and research facilities in 20 different countries across Europe, stretching from the United Kingdom to Turkey and from Finland to Spain. This gives us ready access to superior talent, patient populations, and clinical trial facilities, while also allowing us to operate in close proximity to many of those client companies that choose us as their development partner.

Our European operations provide you with end-to-end clinical research services through every phase, integrated eClinical technologies, and results-driven commercialization services worldwide. Additionally, our in-depth regulatory knowledge and resources that can accelerate your development journey to and through the EMA, the National Health Authorities, and local Health Technology Agencies (HTAs) that are gateways to product regulatory approval and reimbursement, even as we reduce your costs and overhead.

Office Locations

 • Belgium

 • Croatia

 • Czech Republic

 • Denmark

 • France

 • Germany

 • Hungary

 • Ireland

 • Israel

 • Italy  

 • Lithuania

 • Netherlands

 • Poland

 • Portugal

 • Romania

 • Russia

 • Serbia 

 • Spain

 • Sweden

 • Switzerland

 • Turkey

 • Ukraine

 • United Kingdom


ExecuPharm specializes in the provision of permanent, contract and interim resource solutions for all aspects of pre-clinical and clinical work around the globe and since 2013 has exponentially grown our business in the Asia Pacific Region. To date, ExecuPharm has a strong presence in the region and is the Leading CRO in Asia Pacific with 29 offices based in 13 countries with approximately 7,000 employees. 

Office Locations

 • Australia

    o 1 Office

    o 127 Employees

 • China

    o 6 Offices

    o 1,247 Employees

 • Hong Kong

    o 1 Office

    o 41 Employees

 • India

    o 8 Offices

    o 3,918 Employees

 • Indonesia

    o 1 Office

    o 4 Employees

 • Japan

    o 5 Offices

    o 1,297 Employees

 • Malaysia

    o 1 Office

    o 32 Employees

 • Philippines

    o 1 Office

    o 43 Employees

 • Singapore

    o 1 Office

    o 71 Employees

 • South Korea

    o 1 Office

    o 177 Employees

 • Taiwan

    o 1 Office

    o 477 Employees

 • Thailand

    o 1 Office

    o 40 Employees

 • Vietnam

    o 1 Office

    o 9 Employees


Professional Positions / Roles

ExecuPharm has been capable of achieving such a large footprint in the Asia Pacific region by utilizing our step by step talent recruitment process.

This detailed process includes Portfolio Awareness, Dedicated Recruitment Teams based in the region, Proprietary Internal Resourcing Tools, and Recruitment Strategies and Actions. 

This end to end process is meticulously planned and coordinated by our highly experienced recruitment team who has a full understanding and experience of managing recruitment challenges in the Asia Pacific marketplace. 

The major roles of the approximately 7,000 employees include:


 • CRAs / CMAs / CTS

 • Management and Administration

Project Management

 • Project Director

 • Project Leader

 • Clinical Operations Leaders

Data Operations

 • Biostatistics 

 • Statistical Programming 

 • Clinical Data Management

Medical Services

 • Pharmacovigilance

 • Medical Writing

 • Medical Director

Regulatory Affairs

 • Corporate Quality

 • Quality Assurance


Case Study

Experience with Global Pharmaceutical Company in China


Selected as Preferred Provider in Y2012 and awarded exclusive insourcing vendor in May 2017

 • MSA in placed, annual rate card for cost transparency and contract efficiency

 • Through  screening and interview process based on Client requirements, shortened  the candidate sourcing to 2~4 weeks, and onboarding assignment from 4 to 8 weeks

 • Routine Operational and Manager meetings

 • High staff retention


 • Total 49 staff assigned since Y2012 – average of more than 8 staff per year

 • 14 ongoing assignment

 • 0 voluntary turnovers during initial annual contract term

 • 35% of transition to client China as permanent staff from Y2012 to date 


Having a long history of being wherever our client  partners need us most, we ensure that their product development  journey is successful worldwide. As interest in areas within the Middle  East and Africa continues to grow, our offices in  Herzliya-Pituah, Israel and Bloemfontein, South Africa amplify that interest by providing strong clinical  trials management, data management, biostatistical analysis, clinical  pharmacology and bioanalytical services, and regulatory affairs  consulting capabilities throughout the region and globally.

In addition, the clinical, therapeutic, and regulatory expertise, breadth of services, and long-term professional relationships  developed by our three offices in Turkey – Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir –  have put us in geographic proximity with strategic inroads to many  of these promising MENA growth areas, from North Africa across the  Middle East and into Western Asia. 

Office Locations

Middle East

 • Israel


 • South Africa