ExecuPharm, a Parexel Company, Is A Fully Flexible Outsourcing Service Provider Helping Accelerate Pipeline Development

Select a model that aligns with your own approach to development, your company, your projects, and your budget.


We’ll partner with you through the process to ensure we meet your specific needs. You’ll have access to our extensive global reach, broad therapeutic expertise, product development knowledge, process know-how, and the high quality you would expect from one of the world’s leading biopharmaceutical service companies.


This innovative and flexible approach allows you to focus on the core competencies of a protocol, study, or company while outsourcing one of several functional areas. Let us take the everyday burden and challenges off the clinical team, management and stakeholders, leading to a faster, more cost-efficient study.

Insourcing/Straight Placement Staffing

We provide highly experienced staff who integrate with your own workforce and are managed by your team.

This means you can temporarily increase staff capacity while maintaining oversight and control.

Functional Strategic Partnership Outsourcing

We fully staff and manage one or more functional departments and all their projects. In this way, you completely leverage our global capabilities, infrastructure, and functional expertise.

This model offers you the greatest opportunity to achieve efficiency, process improvements, drive innovation, and reduce cycle times.

Functional Outsourcing
One or more functional services across multiple projects. Systems and processes can originate from you or us.

This approach provides team continuity that can produce enhanced quality and efficiency.

Ad hoc Functional Outsourcing

We can fulfill your short-term needs for increased staff and infrastructure wherever you need them around the world.

This means your research and development capacity expands and extends your global reach only when you need it.

Hybrid and Fully Customized Outsourcing Solutions

If you need a combination of services, we will work with you to design a development plan that suits your specific needs for quality and geographic reach.

Saving You Time and Money

Through our customizable model, we can supply resources, management, processes and easy-to-use tracking systems for any clinical study. This helps lead the way in business continuity and productivity to reduce cost, study complexity, and time to market, as well as increasing efficiency, global awareness and accountability, and process visibility.
With our extensive functional service solutions, we offer the highest quality services, where and when you need them, in a fully flexible and agile approach.


For over 30 years, we have been an industry leader in providing innovative, flexible and customized outsourcing solutions. Our Functional Service Provider (FSP) team was established to help clients accelerate pipeline development.

In addition to our own global FSP resources, we have an additional 25,000+ pre-screened potential candidates in our system, which enables us to partner with you to provide tailored solutions that address your unique needs.


Our FSP solutions provide access to:

  • New and emerging markets and off-shore locations
    for a cost-effective functional outsourcing solution
  • Continuous process improvement and innovation
    Commercial terms that incentivize speed,
    innovation, and quality
  • A global resourcing pool and dedicated talent
    acquisition team for rapid resources ramp-up
  • A full spectrum of services and functional
    outsourcing solutions, ranging from staffing support
    to full department outsourcing and management of
    operational deliverables