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Global Functional Service Solutions

ExecuPharm, A Parexel Company, provides fully flexible outsourcing with access to more than 2,300 full time global functional service staff placed across over 450 functional outsourcing service projects across over 35 different functional areas.

ExecuPharm supports the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries in Pre-Clinical and Phase I – IV Clinical Studies with a core management team that has extensive operational experience. ExecuPharm has the insight into project challenges and the best solutions for these difficult challenges. ExecuPharm’s enhanced focus from implementation, execution and completion of the project, inclusive of technologies, regulations and innovation means that ExecuPharm will be with you from start to finish. Through our expertise, ExecuPharm can offers our clients several Sourcing Models which are customized to meet the needs of each stakeholder involved in the project.


ExecuPharm’s comprehensive Sourcing Models are as follows:


Flexible Sourcing Contingent Worker Insourcing

• CRO provides resources and Sponsor is responsible for their management and all task assignments

• Increase capacity whilst maintaining oversight of their programs

• Increases Sponsor oversight costs, limited room for innovation and improvement

• ExecuPharm oversight/line management

• Staff located at Sponsor


Functional Outsourcing (FSP)

• Outsourcing of a single function/ functional continuum across multiple projects

• Provides team continuity which can produce enhanced quality and efficiencies

• ExecuPharm oversight and training engagement required

• Using Sponsor or CRO systems and processes


Functional Strategic Partnership

• Outsourcing of a single function / functional continuum across portfolio/3-5 years

• Leverage CRO capabilities and functional expertise

• Opportunity to realize efficiency, process improvement, innovation and reduce cycle times

• Using Sponsor or CRO systems and processes

• Initial investment required to realize the benefit


Fully Outsourced Trial

• All functions outsourced to CRO Leverage CRO capabilities and functional expertise

• Follow CRO SOPs / processes / systems

• End-to-end solution

• Innovation targets